Hello, I am Sergey Alexandrovich Vlasov. I was born in Dmitrov on May 9, 1988. I have been fond of chess since childhood.

I have a master's degree from the International University of Nature, Society and Man in Dubna, from which I graduated in 2012.

Then and now I live in Dmitrov.

The website was launched in March 2018. Ideas for the chess engine are taken from Evgeny Nikolaevich Kornilov's book "Programming Chess and Other Logic Games", St. Petersburg.: BHV-Petersburg, 2005.

The main page of this website shows a simulated view of the Earth from geostationary orbit. The moon and all the planets in this simulation have a real size. This is done just for entertainment purposes.

The model of the solar system is built on the basis of approximations from the book "Astronomy on the Personal Computer", (Springer) by Oliver Montenbruck and Thomas Pfleger [Translated from English by A. Sergeev, A. Telov]. - 4th ed. - St. Petersburg.: Peter, 2002.

I am grateful to Dmitry Yurievich Dunyushkin for his help with that book.

Ceres data are interpolated by a cubic spline, were taken from an Internet resource

The data about the stars were taken from the free encyclopedia

Thanks for the wind data to the Internet resource

Multimedia and another materials are also posted on the site.